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Paso a Dos


Premiere in Febrary 2016

En esta ocasión, Marco Flores manipula el espacio y ensaya con el tiempo. Ralentizándolo, cambiándole el sentido, acelerándolo. Abre una línea temporal y espacial en un mundo aparte, para atrapar a personas y objetos en otra dimensión.
El bailaor y coreógrafo Marco Flores junto a Juan Carlos Lérida en la dirección escénica y coreográfica propondrán a los integrantes de este juego bailar en un lugar atemporal. Entrar al Juego seremos testigos de cómo las personas se transforman ante una necesidad de continuar. Para resolver la incógnita de ese lugar.

Paso a Dos


Premiere in Febrary 2015

Marco Flores and Olga Pericet join to recognize each other and communicate through dance..
They have shared a long artistic journey and they keep working together to create a personal, intimite and unique language. Their distinctive dance duo, a mirror of their fluent communication on stage, is the singular imprint of this show, but not the only ingredient. Olga and Marco, both of them artists recognized by audience and critics and with succesful solo careers, continue their relentless journeys. Today they share the stage to keep exploring their artistic development. A step forward together which turns into a pas de deux...



Premiere in July 2013

Enter the labyrinth to discover the unknown, a revelation, an origin..
From the seemingly voluntary disorder the labyrinth offers us, LABERÍNTICA shows us movement: from the exterior to the interior, from the manifest to the invisible, from multiplicity to the unique. Marco Flores takes a new step in his career as a representative of today's generation of flamenco dancers, a generation whose trademark - in all probability - lies in freely expressing its perception of flamenco as something alive, contemporary and useful to the emotions. LABERÍNTICA shows the flamenco dancer in search of his poetry, from his own experience, sculpting the kaleidoscopic aspect of his dance and the scale of his personality. Here he is accompanied by four flamenco dancers, who serve as his mirror, his shadow, and by six musicians who carry his echo, from Entrance to Exit.



Premiere in September 2011

Every artist tries to bring together his personal and professional experience in a search for his own, unique creative discourse. In this process, Marco Flores takes a look at his past work, reviewing it now in order to continue dancing his way to his next creation. Life as a challenge and Marco’s meeting with his own artistic identity make his “baile” be in constant transition.

De flamencas


Premiere in November 2010

Marco Flores proposes the audience a virtual journey across trough different flamenco “palos” or styles, where the guitar and singing of renowned female musicians recreate a variety of scenes. Modernity, tradition and character walk hand-in-hand in this flamenco show, where a man dances to the sound of the guitar and singing of women.