Enter the labyrinth to discover the unknown, a revelation, an origin.

From the seemingly voluntary disorder the labyrinth offers us, LABERÍNTICA shows us movement: from the exterior to the interior, from the manifest to the invisible, from multiplicity to the unique.

Marco Flores Marco Flores takes a new step in his career as a representative of today’s generation of flamenco dancers, a generation whose trademark - in all probability - lies in freely expressing its perception of flamenco as something alive, contemporary and useful to the emotions.

LABERÍNTICA shows the flamenco dancer in search of his poetry, from his own experience, sculpting the kaleidoscopic aspect of his dance and the scale of his personality. Here he is accompanied by four flamenco dancers, who serve as his mirror, his shadow, and by six musicians who carry his echo, from Entrance to Exit.

sinopsis laberintica
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ficha laberintica
ficha laberintica foto

Artistic Direction,
Choreography and Production:
Marco Flores.

Stage Direction and Choreography: Juan Carlos Lérida.

Co-Artistic Direction: Olga Pericet.

Choreography of “Pendulum”: Olga Pericet y Marco Flores.

Guest Choreography
of “Romance of the Avenged Infant”:
Olga Pericet y Daniel Doña.

Musical Direction: Marco Flores.

Música Original: Antonia Jiménez, Jesús Nuñez, Paco Cruz, Pablo Suárez, Jesús Torres, Quique Terrón.

Dancers: Marco Flores, José Maldonado, Jhonatan Miró, José Manuel Álvarez, Christian Lozano.

Percussion: Quique Terrón.

Guitar: Antonia Jiménez, Jesús Núñez.

Singers: Mercedes Cortés, Inma Rivero, Fabiola Pérez.

Costume Design: Yaiza Pinillos.

Treatment of Textiles: Yaiza Pinillos y María Calderón.

Lighting Design: Olga García.

Graphic Design: Loredana Pellecchia.

Photography: Alberto Hidalgo, Paco Villalta.

Sound Design: Beatriz Anievas.

Stage Manager: Elena Vilaplana.

Tailoring: Gabriel Besa.

Production: Marco Flores.

Distribution and Executive Production: Miquel Santin.

programa laberintica
programa laberintica foto


(music: Paco Cruz)

a. Zapateado.


(msuic: Antonia Jiménez)


(music: Antonia Jiménez)

a. Tangos.

b. Zambra.


(music: Jesús Nuñez coreography: Marco Flores y Olga Pericet)

a. Soleá por bulerías


(music: Jesús Torres)

a. Caña


(music: Jesús Torres)

a. Petenera.


(música: Pablo Suarez)

a. Piano.


(music: Jesús Nuñez)

a. Bulerías


a. Pregones

b. Romance of the Avenged infant

(music: Antonia Jiménez coreografía: Olga Pericet y Daniel Doña)

c. Tonás

photographer: Paco Villalta